Steal My Style: Running Errands

One thing my mom and I are notorious for doing together is running errands. There’s just something about going through McDonald’s drive thru, getting a large Diet Coke and Iced Coffee, and then riding around in the car with my mom to various places that is so enjoyable. Now, as weird as this might sound I like to look somewhat cute when I go on these little adventures while still being comfortable. This means leggings, tall boots and a sweater are my absolute favorite go-to!

This particular day, my mom and I had a ton of errands to run and one place we went was Kroger for groceries. We ended up getting a little sidetracked and had a photo-shoot in the aisles while we were there. 😂 Who knew the soda isle would end up being such a fun background?

I get so many questions on the scarf I’m wearing (it’s literally from Amazon!) as well as if my boots from Target are actually by Stuart Weitzman. I live for seeking out bargain pieces that look more expensive than they really are! The tote I am carrying is by Joy Mangano and it is perfect for traveling or running errands because it has RFID protection. Aside from that, it is extremely durable and spacious. I can fit practically my whole life in there.

That being said, all of my outfit details will be linked down below! If you have any questions on the pieces I linked feel free to reach out to me or connect with me on social media. Lastly, shout out to Kroger for being a surprisingly really good place to take photographs! Ta-ta for now hauties ❤️




(It’s sold out in black but also comes in olive!)


OVEr The Knee BOOTS:

Joy Mangano Totes:


(I also have it in the maroon and navy color combination 🙈 They are the warmest scarfs ever!)


Starbucks Blonde Espresso (you already know😉):

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