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Updated: Jun 6, 2018

As basic as it may sound, ever since I studied abroad in Italy I have become OBSESSED with wine. Now, I may not be a wine connoisseur but I do know my way around a bottle of Chianti and had the pleasure of visiting a Family Winery on my most recent trip to California. The vineyard was located in Kenwood, California and is called Kunde Family Winery. Being positioned in the Sonoma Valley rather than Napa, Kunde had a very laid-back and country feel to their winery and the Mountain Top Wine Tour I did with my family is a MUST.

The tour begins inside a dining room with a few sips of wine and a quick walk through of the Kunde wine barrels located inside a nearby cave. Afterwards, the group loads into a shuttle bus, with extremely comfortable seats, to be transported to the top of the mountain. Fun Fact: Did you know Seth Rogen got marriedat Kunde? Well he did and the tour guide made sure to point out the exact spot he said “I do!”. Once you reach the top of the mountain, (after passing a boatload of cows!), the group continues tasting various types of Kunde wine. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the stunning view of the luscious green vineyard and feel the crisp, fresh air off of the bay as you sip. It was beyond relaxing ☺️

Following the Mountain Top tasting you are shuttled back down and the group is brought to another spot in the vineyard to finish tasting the last bottles of wine. Once everyone as finished, you are brought back to the room you started the tour in and free to go about your day. My favorite out of all the types of wine we tried was the “Red Dirt Red, 2015” blend that consists of three Italian grapes and three French. It was absolutely delicious and is one of the Kunde Winery’s house favorite!

All in all, this relaxing wine tour was one for the books and if you are debating between Sonoma or Napa Valley for your next wine tour, I 100% recommend Sonoma! The chill and welcoming vibe of Sonoma is truly one of a kind and I guarantee you will feel right at home at any winery you choose, especially Kunde! That being said, all of my outfit deets will be linked below as well as Kunde’s website where you can book a tour. Cheers hauties! 🍷





Tube top:






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Kunde family winery website:

link to schedule a kunde tasting:

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