Steal My "Sightseeing" Style: Top 3 Things To Do in San Francisco! 🌁

When people say France, people think Paris. When people say “Big Apple”, people think New York. When people say “What Happens Here, Stays Here”, people think Las Vegas. But when people say San Francisco, there are multiple things that come to people’s mind. Is it the stunning Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the famous “Painted Ladies”? Or maybe it’s simply the fog and refreshing, crisp breeze that drifts from the bay. Whatever it may be, I do know one thing, San Francisco is an incredible city and if you ever get the chance to visit, you MUST make sure you do five things before you leave! 😊

#1: Golden Gate Bridge

First and foremost, you MUST visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Whether you simply drive over it or decide to ride up to a Golden Gate Overlook to get a sick view of the whole thing, make sure you see it because it is absolutely breathtaking!

Pro Tip: Battery Spencer, located on Conzelman Road, has the BEST view of the bridge! It can be a tad crowded parking wise, but I pinky promise that waiting for a spot will be worth the snapshot.

Warden's House, Alcatraz Island

#2: Alcatraz Island Tour, "The Rock"

Alcatraz, Alcatraz, Alcatraz! Now, I wouldn’t consider myself necessarily a history nut but this was hands down the best tours I have ever been on. Alcatraz Island is filled with rich, eerie history and it is a one-of-a-kind experience to walk around the same ground as some of the worst criminals in American history. Like Al Capone for example, whose first cell number was 433 by the way. Also, make sure to do the self-guided Audio Tour so you can walk around at your own pace and take in all Alcatraz has to offer. (Such as pretty flowers and Instagram-worthy backgrounds. 😂)

#3: Painted Ladies

Last but certainly not least, the Painted Ladies! Uncle Jesse from Full House, anyone? 😍Aside from being a famous vista from the opening scene of one of the most popular television sitcoms, these houses are very aesthetically pleasing and an absolute must-see. They are built on a hill just like the majority of San Francisco and look exceptionally cool if you visit them during sunset.

Now, onto the outfit! I wanted to stick with something comfortable, per usual, while still looking fashion-forward and dressing in layers because San Francisco's weather can be a bit moody. The outfit I choose was absolutely perfect and the hat kept the sun and my hair out of my face when it got windy. As always, links to everything I'm wearing will be down below. Safe travels hauties! ✈️


Outfit Deets:

Leather Jacket:

Graphic tee:

*My tee is from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin so unfortunately, I could not find the exact one online. This one is the same color and super cute, however!*


*The exact hat that I'm wearing is from Target, but they are all sold out. 😔 But this one is almost identical!*


Fishnet Socks:



*My backpack is from a vendor in Italy, which I tried very hard to find online and couldn't, but this one is extremely similar!*

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