Social Distancing Distraction: DIY Record Wall

If there's one thing I've learned about being an extrovert in quarantine (#help), it’s that social distancing is HARD. The number one thing I get my energy from is other people so as you can imagine, staying inside all day and being six feet away from people when I do leave the house has been a major struggle. That’s why I have decided to start a mini series on my blog called Social Distancing Distractions and provide some inspo for my fellow extroverts (and bored introverts!) on how to pass the time while stuck at home.

The first distraction to kick off the series is going to be a quick and easy DIY Record Wall. One of my roommates has an impeccable collection of records and it has always been an idea of ours to create a record wall in our living room. A million push pins and one string of fairy lights later, we finally have our record wall! 🙌🏼

The three things you will need to complete the wall are clear push pins, a string of fairy lights and 20 dope albums (5 across and 4 rows). My roommate had a ton of records to choose from and we wanted to cover the entire wall so we decided to do 5 albums across with 4 rows. Depending on how big your collection is, however, you can adjust the dimensions and amount of records you hang.

Once you have your dimensions and space picked out, you can start hanging the first album. To be completely honest, I got extremely impatient and did not plan out the layout prior to hanging the albums. Instead, my other roommate and I put them up one by one while following a general color scheme. Surprisingly, it turned out quite well!

To hang an album with only one vinyl inside, simply place two push pins on the bottom of the record and lean it slightly against the wall. For bulkier albums that may or may not have more than one vinyl inside, you will need an additional push pin on the top of the record to hold it in place. When placing the third push pin in the wall, make sure to angle it slightly up diagonally so that it is tight and secure against the wall (photo below for reference).

Repeat this method for each album until you have your desired layout. The beautiful thing about push pins is that they are not permanent. This makes it extremely easy to adjust the spacing and level out each record if you mess up where you put the pins initially. The second beautiful thing about push pins is that WHICH records you hang on the wall are not permanent. If you mess up the layout, prefer a different record in a certain spot, or simply get sick of looking at the same records everyday and want to re-do the entire wall, simply slide a record off and place a new one on the push pins.

Once complete, the next step is to hang the fairy lights. This step is optional but we found it added the perfect finishing touch to the wall and acted as a border for the records while simultaneously adding light to a dark corner of the room. To hang the lights, simply put a line of push pins on top of the records and string the lights through and over the pins. You can also add additional push pins on the borders to flatten out the lights and make them more flush to the albums.

And that's it! Your record wall is finished and you can officially pour yourself a glass of wine, kick your feet up and enjoy your brand new wall decor. 😌 In total, the project took about 2-2.5 hours and hanging each record is honestly so rewarding it made time fly by.

So if you're looking for a super rewarding, aesthetically pleasing way to display your records, make yourself a record wall! And tag me if you try this method out at home. Happy Social Distancing hauties! ✨


And after!!! 🥂


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