Social Distancing Distraction: Bleach Tie Dye

For whatever reason, the number one DIY people have decided to do in quarantine is tie dye. From t-shirts to cropped hoodies and joggers, it’s quite difficult to log online these days without seeing at least one person wearing tie dye. Even though I’m a little late to the party (like always), I finally decided to hop on the bandwagon and bleach a couple items in my closet. The process was actually quite simple, impossible to mess up and with the help from one of my besties (thanks @Ali 🙏🏼 ) I ended up with two new, very trendy items!

The two clothing pieces I chose to tie dye with bleach were a cropped graphic tee and cropped jean jacket. I thrifted the jacket from Goodwill years ago, wore it a million times, got sick of it, cropped it, worn a million times again, and finally decided it needed on last refresh before I say goodbye. As for the graphic tee, although I recently purchased it I wasn't completely in love with it and decided to crop / bleach it as well.

What you'll need:

+ t-shirt, jean jacket, joggers, cropped hoodie, anything!

+ Bleach

+ Rubberbands

+ empty Spray bottle

+ old newspaper or magazine


1. Grab the piece of clothing you wish to tie dye and scrunch it up with your hands using a clockwise, twisting motion. add 2 or 3 rubber bands to hold in place.

2. grab your empty spray bottle, rinse it out and fill with bleach.

*Some people choose to dilute the bleach with equal parts water but I choose to go big or go home and use only bleach, aye!*

3. Place your items outside in the grass (recommended) or if you're impatient and decide to tie dye on rainy day like me (lol), place old newspaper/magazines underneath the clothes while you spray them on your balcony. spray the bleach directly on your item and then flip it over to repeat on the back.

*The more you spray, the lighter it'll get!*

4. Finally, let your clothes sit for a couple minutes and then bring them inside to wash on a gentle cycle with cold water. It's very important to wash with COLD water to prevent the dyes from spreading to areas you didn't spray with bleach. Lastly, throw in the dryer for a couple minutes or let hang dry.

And that's it! Incredibly easy, fast, and like I said nearly impossible to mess up which is 100p my type of DIY. 😉 So next time you're out and about on your "essential" Target trip, pick up some bleach and spruce up a few things in your closet! I promise you will not be disappointed. Happy tie dying hauties!


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