Social Distancing Distraction: Adult Coloring Books 🎨

Is it just me or has quarantine brought out the little kid in everyone? From puzzles to painting, tie dying everything in our closets and playing board games, it's no secret people have been exercising their creativity recently. Specifically for me, activities I used to enjoy when I was little have been the star of my #quarantineroutine and I honestly would not have it any other way!

Currently, my social distancing distraction has been adult coloring books. Now I’m not talking your typical mandala or flower design coloring books, I’m talking inspirational adult coloring books with swear words. I know, it may sound coo coo but don’t knock it till you try it! There is something surprisingly so therapeutic about coloring swear words with Crayola markers and drinking juice. Especially the days you can't even with being inside.

So next time you're sitting at home craving a new activity to pass the time, try ordering an adult coloring book and some Crayola markers! The “Make Life Your B*tch” book I have been obsessed with recently is linked below, along with the markers I use to create my masterpieces. I promise you won't regret it and it's the perfect creative outlet while were all stuck inside. Happy coloring hauties and drop me a line if you try out my fav coloring book. 😊

Coloring Book:


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