"Men Have Their Cars, Women Have Their Hair"

To be honest, I have NO idea where, when or from who I first heard the phrase “men have their cars, women have their hair” but the older and older I get the more and more I can relate. This afternoon, I visited the local hair salon my mom goes to, Tacari Salon located in Plymouth, Michigan, and boy was I in for a treat! I’ve been to Tacari a total of three times now and each time I have left feeling 100% satisfied with my cut and color.

Usually, I simply ask for a retouch of my blonde balayage and a trim but this time around I threw Carie Sennett, the owner of the salon, somewhat of a curveball and showed her a picture of platinum blonde, “silver” hair. Completely willing to give me what I wanted, regardless if it was a total 180 from my natural hair color, Carie spent almost a total of 3 hours on my hair and I could not be more grateful!

She used a technique called foilyage, where essentially she backcombed my hair before applying the hair color so that when she combed through my strands the color transferred gradually down my hair, leaving a melted look. She then applied a toner to really brighten up my blonde and reveal a few “silver” strands towards the front of my face.

Like I said, I have never left this salon unhappy and the staff are all extremely friendly and kind. Carie really knows what she’s doing and the best part about her cut and colors is the BLOWOUT. I mean just look at the body and bounce she is able to put in my hair! If I could have her style my hair everyday, I totally would.

So if you're ever in the Detroit area or live in Michigan and are on the hunt for a new hair stylist, make an appointment with Carie or any of the stylists at Tacari! They are the absolute best and your hair will thank you! Talk soon hauties 😊


Tacari Salon: http://tacarisalon.com

(734) 228-5281

Also, Check out their instagram & Carie's to see more!



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