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Updated: Jun 12, 2018

When it comes to jewelry, I have never been a huge watch or bracelet person. Recently, however, my opinion on “arm candy” has completely changed once I discovered an incredible Swiss watch company called Welly Merck. From silver to gold and nylon to leather, Welly Merck has all of your watch needs covered and you can choose from various sizes and styles. Something I found particularly charming was that the watch styles are all named after a major worldwide city, like Sydney, Roma, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. How cute is that!

Given I’ve never been a fond of having anything wrapped around my wrist, I choose to go with a smaller watch face and mesh band. The band closely resembles the texture of an Apple watch mesh band and the exact diameter of the face is 26mm. The exact style I am wearing is Fighter Los Angeles and I am IN LOVE! I have relatively chunky wrists but the size and appearance of the watch is extremely slimming and compliments my other silver jewelry tremendously. Did I mention the “numbers” on the watch excluding 12 and 6 are also replaced by super shiny, tiny diamonds? It is probably my favorite characteristic of the watch. 😊

Aside from the watch being stunning, I also genuinely appreciated the fantastic customer service Welly Merck provided to me when ordering my watch. Like previously motioned, they are a Swiss watch company based out of Vaud, Switzerland so the time it took to receive my watch and timing of their responses was a tad delayed given the time difference and distance. That did not stop Welly Merck, however, from ensuring I was 100% satisfied with my order. Because it was taking longer than expected to ship out my watch they included a complimentary blush leather band in my order to thank me for my patience!

So, what are you waiting for! If you are in the market for a brand new watch, check out Welly Merck and explore the various styles they have available online ❤️ I guarantee you will not be disappointed with your decision and if you use the code "Annie15" you can even receive 15% off of your order! You're welcome, hauties 😉


Welly merck website:https://www.wellymerck.com

Style I'm wearing: https://www.wellymerck.com/products/fighter-los-angeles-26-mm

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