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Updated: Jun 6, 2018

In terms of timing, I don’t think I could have received my Hard Night, Good Morning products in the mail any better week! This past weekend, the Super Bowl was held in Minneapolis at the US Bank Stadium and let me tell you, the vibes around here were INSANE. From parties to celebrities to parties to concerts to athletes to (yep, you guessed it) MORE parties, the hype around the Twin Cities was definitely at an all time high. That being said, my skin definitely had a couple of “hard nights” where it was in dire need of some TLC the next day.

The two products I acquired were the L22 Elixir and Detox Toner. The L22 Elixir is one of Hard Night, Good Morning’s most advanced anti-aging moisturizer with a formula designed to smooth, hydrate and reduce fine lines. It contains Snow Algae, which reduces dark spots while simultaneously extending the life of your skin cells. The Detox toner, on the other hand, is a facial spray that restores skin’s pH balance and protects from outside contaminations, such as pollution and climatic hostility. In addition, the toner helps remove any remaining impurities so your skin is prepped and ready to go for moisturizer. I also was gifted a sample of their Eye Cream, which combats dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness by tightening and increasing elasticity in the delicate areas around the eyes.

Now, what do all these incredible products have in common? They were BEYOND helpful last weekend! 😅 I can honestly say I have used each product everyday since I got them and already have noticed a difference in my skin. I unfortunately am prone to a little bit of acne and my skin is very sensitive. Since using these products, it has definitely cleared up and the only thing I have changed in my beauty routine is incorporating Hard Night, Good Morning products!

After I wash my face in the morning, I apply a few spritz of the Detox Toner and follow it up with two pumps of the L22 Elixir moisturizer. Immediately, my skin feels refreshed, squeaky clean and pleasantly healthy. Then, I let the products sit for a while and begin applying my makeup once they have both completely dried. At night, I will repeat the process of washing my face, spraying the toner, and using the moisturizer and follow it up by applying the Eye Cream under my eyes using my ring finger. Lastly, I hit the hay and let Hard Night, Good Morning work its magic while I snooze!

Moral of the story, Hard Night, Good Morning has got it going on and if you are in the market for some updated, vegan, cruelty free and anti-aging beauty products this brand is most certainly the one for YOU.😊 I mean, with their super relatable brand name and sophisticated black and white packaging, it's no wonder these products draw attention to the eyes and make their customers feel luxurious. I would be lying if I said I don’t feel elegant when spraying the toner! Nevertheless, links to all of the products and Hard Night, Good Morning's Instagram will be down below and feel free to reach out with me with any questions, comments, or thoughts! I would adore to hear from you 💚 Talk soon hauties!


Hard Night, Good Morning Website: https://hardnightgoodmorning.com

L22 Elixir:https://hardnightgoodmorning.com/collections/products/products/l22-elixir?variant=61284173003

Detox Toner:https://hardnightgoodmorning.com/collections/products/products/detox-toner?variant=242596376

Eye Cream:https://hardnightgoodmorning.com/collections/products/products/eye-cream?variant=243096516

HNGM Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/hardnightgoodmorning/

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